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To Whom It May Concern,
I would like to recommend Brendan Abrassart-White for a senior level Art Director position. Brendan has a vast and diverse experience working in the creative field. I have worked with Brendan for 11 years as his client through the MILK Advertising Agency in South Norwalk, CT. During this time, I have witnessed Brendan improve his skills in visual arts. He was an Art Director when we first met and during our years together he advanced to the level of Associate Creative Director.  
Brendan has a strong grasp of POP advertising and knows how to design pieces that break through the retail clutter and get brands noticed. We have completed four packaging redesigns together and I can honestly say that they are all completely different and much improved over their predecessor. Additionally, we have worked on radio ads, trade ads and out–of–home advertising.

If I had to sum up Brendan’s skill level I would say that he is a jack of all creative trades (creative and copy) that is quick on his feet to deliver quality, creative work in record time. I have been in many meetings with Brendan that turn into brainstorming session where he delivers copy ideas or makes suggestion to solve a printing problem with a package design or suggestions to improve layout design. He takes client feedback to heart and returns an advertising piece that delivers on the client’s vision.  

Brendan can approach routine tasks from a different direction and with an alternative perspective, helping him create truly original advertising products. He stays very in tune to current events which help him keep his work modern and sometimes edgy. He has the ability to take a client’s creative brief and explore traditional creative but also venture to the outer limits of the client comfort zone allowing them to see all the possibilities while still keeping within the creative brief scope of work.  

Therefore, based on such strong characteristics, I truly believe him to be a perfect fit for a senior level Art Director position.
Warm regards,
Lynnette Stevens

I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Brendan for 11 years. Amazing. A true talent. Has the ability to write spot on strategy and then communicate through absolutely amazing creative execution across all mediums. Cannot endorse highly enough. A true rock star.

Joseph Sequenzia
Managing Partner, CEO milk*a branding agency and Sr Partner, CEO of milk*media and co-founder Local Legends Food Co

Brendan was my first manager out of college. He was always chipper, easy to talk to and great at giving feedback and direction to a newbie like myself at the time. Brendan seemed to have limitless creativity. He always came up with sleek and unique imagery for any campaign we worked on, and encouraged me to think outside of the box and give purpose behind what I was designing. He's a pleasure and will probably crack a few jokes to lighten the mood, I would happily work with him again.

Rhiannon Gupta
Designer | Social Media | Marketer, ReedPOP

Brendan's strengths include balancing the operational needs of the moment while still driving toward strategic goals. He acts with integrity, an honest and trustworthy teammate. His skills of assembling details and information are superior. He maintains a clear line of sight to delivering technical and business needs of the project...!!

He is very good in bulding up good professional relation. Very good in interacting with business pertners and do have the sincererity in working and bringing output to the organization.

Samant Singh
Application Lead at Gartner

Brendan is a creative talent with versatility and charisma. He is pro-active in his work and adept at creating a clear vision without a lot of handholding. With his vast experience in various marketing channels and client sectors, Brendan is perfectly equipped for the fast-paced, ever-evolving industry of marketing and advertising. He rises to the challenge with a positive spirit and a solution-oriented mentality.

Lauren Flemming
VP, Executive Creative Director at Epsilon

Brendan is one of only three people I've know in my career who could design AND write, which makes him a very rare talent. I remember when he added CW to his skill set. We recognized the need for a young writer and Brendan stepped up and said, "Teach me. I'd like to do it." It made total sense.

We all knew Brendan to be a very smart and articulate guy with a keen sense of humor-- all he had to do is put it down on paper. He quickly became a skilled wordsmith who also happened to know just the right fonts to help bring his words to life. 

Best of all, Brendan has the kind of energy you want in a creative department. He's bright, ebullient, loves pop culture and is as collaborative as they come. What more could you ask?

Glen Hosking
Group Creative Director at 160over90

Brendan is a fully integrated senior level art director. His design skills are outstanding, he is conceptual and he can write anything from headlines to brochure copy and keep it focused and the reader engaged. He was a tremendous asset at milk and a key contributor to the team. I would recommend him without hesitation.

Debbie Casey
Partner & Director of Client Services at milk*